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Staff Update — February 2021


Head of Staff
Server Management
Show No Fear

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to say thank you to everyone who applied throughout our recruitment phase. We truly appreciate your interest in our server and community.

If you weren't selected in this window, don't let that stop you from applying again as you might make it in the next window. Stay tuned for the next recruitment phase. Also, if you inquire about personal feedback on why you were denied a spot, you can send me a private message via forum or Discord(Diverse#3399).
Without further ado, It is my pleasure to welcome our newest members of staff.

  • Anil.
  • Dreezy
  • GutBoi
  • Olson
  • petri.exe
  • Whoska
Congratulations to you all. You can contact myself (Diverse#3399) or word (word#9464) on Discord to arrange your induction.