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Some bigger problems.


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Jul 6, 2018
I have played actively kokys:dm about three weeks now and there are some bigger problems that need to be resolved.

1. Hackers. - There are way too many hackers in-game and most of the time there are not admins online. So I suggest to script some good anti-cheat to avoid some bigger scripts/cheats/hacks etc. Also kokys:dm needs a decent system to avoid topelt accounts, so I thought about the system and it would be like you need a forum account and you have to verify it before you want to join the server. At the moment hackers are just shitting onto the server, because there aren't any good or decent system to keep them away from the server. If there would be, then they have to waste the time and hacking for them would be a lot harder.

2. Arenas. - Most of the arenas are empty and people don't play on them like the: Farm etc. So why keep them if people don't want to play them? The solution here would be that remove the arenas that are not played enough and add the new ones, that would be played more?

3. More vehicles to the gang war spawns. - Seriously this is the easiest thing to do and still there are no changes to that? One specific thread were made a year ago and still no reaction to it. Maybe a dope move would be if some spawns were closer to Idlewood Gas also, because at the moment hobos have way more advantage over the Ballas spawn.

4. Offical clans need their own spawns and vehicles to the gang war. - Also, why there are offical clans if there aren't any system made for them? Like at the moment I don't see any point of the offical clans, they are just posting some SS's and that's all, they don't have any points system or skins. Adding that would also keep up the clans activity and more people would like to dominate over other clans like back in the old days.

5. Copchase. - Also copchase need some solution, this is not fun at all if at the start cops will shoot the tires and then you have to chase somehow with broken tires. And also if the suspect drives to the water with vehicle then you can't catch him at some point, because there aren't any boats for cops. I would like to see copchase only inside the Los Santos not around the San Andreas.

I'm not whining at all but there are some serious problems that need to be fixed if you want this to be better server for people.
Thank you for reading this!


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Feb 24, 2019
Koky's Basement
there is a clan system like you just said
+1 to copchase
+1 to hackers
-1 to veh cuz they're fine