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Petrovoushka [Angel_K] [JOE]


Rookie Shooter
Your in-game name: Petrovoushka
Date and time of ban: This Goes back more than a year
Who banned you: @angel_k - JOE
Why you were banned: Ammo Hack
Why you wish to be unbanned:
So first of all I am really sorry for that, at the time when I was banished I was clearly a no I had a low level and I did not accept lose on the DM server, I had Aimbot Noreload Norecoil and advantageous cheaters, I am really sorry once again, it's been a very long time since I did this, and I have changed a lot, I am very motivated to come back on the samp number 1 dm server

I am coming to you following this message:

first of all i want to apologize for not answering you directly, i had some problem with my pc and could not connect anymore.

Then for the screen of my CLEO folder

GTA folder

And for my IP address, add me on Discord for my security. (( NRV#5465 ))


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Sorry for the late reply. Post screenshots of your main gta directory and include notepad on the side as a time stamp, name, date and time.