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Pappuas - Moderator Application

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Feb 17, 2018
In-game Name: Pappuas

Discord Username: theBeasTPD#2033

Age: 22

Timezone: GMT +2

Screenshot of /stats:

Were you punished by an administrator before? I has been kicked 1 time and /forcerule <-- 7 times, doesn't remember exactly why becuase it was a long time ago.

Do you have any prior experience of being a moderator/admin? Yes, I've a part of the faction management on the biggest TDM server on SA-MP San Fierro TDM, I'm a reserved Tester on Los Santos Roleplay, I hosted couple servers bymyself, and now days I'm the mapper of Koky's TDM (TDM Arena made by me).

What is your day-to-day activity on KDM like? Day to day activity can high from 5 up to 10 hours a day and even more at the weekends.

Discuss, writing a paragraph, why you should be a part of Koky's staff team: Whenever someone needs me I can always be reached as I respond fast and easy, I'm pretty easy to get to know and that's what a staff should be, I can take it seriously I believe I can be that guy, I have been playing on this server for every single day from the begin, I have, helping new players to get started and sharing past experiences with them, To be honest I'm trying to become a part of the staff roster in order to create a new gaming atmosphere inside the server, fast response, no rulebreakers, no hackers, no spamming, I can kill tons of hours of spectating the server instead of playing by myself in order to reach clean gaming zone for whole the community players.

[OPTIONAL] Do you have any guides or proof that shows you actively helping the community? If so, please share by screenshotting or linking your guide(s): People might know like Pappuas, I'm contributing inside the server and at the forums as well, I had a big clan thats unfortunately closed and terminated, whole people those know me can say only good stuff about me (I hope so ;) ) I dont have actually proofs or SCREENS that shows my helping to the community servers.

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Nov 28, 2017
Post an updated version of your stats please.
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