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ANNOUNCEMENT Community Update — June 2020

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Community Update — June 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to June's Community Update.

I would like to begin by saying that I hope you and your families are all safe and well during these challenging and unprecedented times. It is great to see life returning to some form of normality slowly but surely. Last month we opened game admin applications and since then have recruited several new admins. We received a lot of interest as always, and it is always great to see so many people are interested in helping out on the server. We've been seeing some great numbers in-game this month, peaking at 97 players this month — absolutely phenomenal.

We've been working hard with our development team this month to get our next gamemode update out. The initial release will include several bug fixes — we've been prioritising ironing out bugs at the moment before we start to roll out new features. I would like to apologise for the delay in a new update, but this is purely due to issues out of mine and the development team's control. You can expect to see version 0.51.0 by the end of July.

Now let's move on to the internal promotions for the month of June 2020. This month we did unfortunately say goodbye to @dennis who has sadly decided to move on from the server. Dennis has been around on Koky's Deathmatch since its inception in 2017, so thank you Dennis for your commitments over the years. We are very sad to see you go.

Level 4 Administrator > Lead Administrator

Level 3 Administrator > Level 4 Administrator

Level 1 Administrator > Level 2 Administrator

I would also like to welcome Nature42O to the team as a Level 1 Administrator, who was hired into the admin team this week.

Congratulations everyone! Some very well-deserved promotions here, so well done. A massive thank you as always to our current administrators, without whom we would not be as successful as we are. Keep your eyes peeled on the forum and Discord for upcoming development announcements and the potential opening of staff applications later on in the month.

Kind regards,
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