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We need your help!
As part of our plans to revolutionise what we currently know as Koky's Deathmatch, we intend to push several game mode updates. This cannot be possible without thorough and proper testing, however, and so we need a select few people to help us with the responsibilities of beta testing for the server.

Perks of being a beta tester may include:
  • Testing new game mode editions and features;
  • Having a sneak peak into features prior to their full release;
  • Having a say into the progress of various server features as they are developed;
  • Puts you in good light if you have interests of one day joining the staff team;
  • Diamond VIP once your duties are complete.
You must not be:
  • Banned from the server;
  • A game admin.
If you are interested in the above role, please comment down below with your Discord username and I will be in touch.


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I would be more than happy to give a hand of help in order to test new game modes and server in game features. At the moment I don’t really have a schedule which means I could invest most of my free time and dedicate it towards the Beta Tester role. For further information and details, I am available over Discord.
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I'd like to join the beta tester team for helping koky's dm and because I like testing new features.
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