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[0.50.0] Server Update

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Server Management
Apr 21, 2018
United Kingdom

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since our last game mode update — our last attempt with version 0.44 was quite shocking (I sorta broke the server, haha throwback). Despite this, we've been working since then to get a stabilised update thrown together. We have several new features in the pipelines and efforts are being directed and focused on new features all the time. It is worth noting that we have made a rather small cosmetic change to the way we will be releasing game mode updates from now on. From this point onwards we will be pushing releases with a new versioning scheme: major.minor.hotfix. This will help yourselves and the development team keep tabs on where we are at with our current stage of development. You can expect 'major' game updates (such as large-scale new features) to lead to an increment in the major number, smaller updates to lead to an increment in the minor number and small bugfixes to lead to increments in the hotfix number. It's simple, really.

Anyway, enough of that. Without further ado, I welcome you to version 0.50.0.

  • New and improved /copchase! Hooray! [SimoSbara]
  • Discord integration to allow administrators to moderate when not in-game. [SimoSbara, westham]
  • New and improved 'whois' API to help detect ban evaders and malicious/suspicious activity. [josef]
  • New 'headshots only' arena at Ghost Town in /arenas. [Bauer]
  • Long-awaited ability for lead administrators to monitor admin activity [Bauer, Davis, SimoSbara]
  • GUI changes for the 'headshots only' event in /startevent. [SimoSbara]

  • Optimisations of the back-end server code. [SimoSbara, Davis]
  • Amended some frontend grammatical mistakes. [josef]
  • Instated a limit on the number of simultaneous connections from a single IP to further prevent malicious activity [SimoSbara]

  • None

  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to return to the lobby from the serverhub. [SimoSbara]
  • Fixed existing issues with /startevent. Events should now start and end correctly. [SimoSbara]
  • Alterations have been made to the anti c-bug script to reduce false detection issues. [SimoSbara]
  • Fixed an issue where players could capture the turf in TDM by entering the zone then typing /lobby. [SimoSbara]
  • Fixed an issue with player stats not incrementing in events via /startevent [SimoSbara]
  • Fixed pre-existing issues where some players could not change the local time in freeroam [SimoSbara]
  • Fixed an issue with skins not being able to be downloaded on connect. [josef]

As always, we appreciate your patience and support while we try and push out new updates to improve the game mode slowly but surely. If you or someone you know has experience in Pawn or web-based development, then please check out the developer applications by clicking here. We're always looking for new talent to join the dev team.

Until next time!

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