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    key$ (paybakk)

    key$ is banned. Reason: nospread / trigger By: paybakk Date: April 8, 2021, 9:31 pm @paybakk 's ban. Wait response from him.
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    Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned.
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    Ban Appeal

    Hello ManWarS, i kicked you 5 times for warn, but you didn't delete or cap your FPS. Also i can't see your screenshot because it seems so small. Please remove your FPS Unlocker and show me screenshot of your cleo folder.
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    Joey_Castles [Diverse]

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    Show No Fear

    Hope you come while we are here : P
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    Ban Appeal

    alive is banned. Reason: racism By: Misty. Date: March 11, 2021, 11:30 pm @Misty. 's ban.
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    pftt (petri.exe)

    You're not banned. I already unban you. Sorry, somethings seemed wrong. Have fun. L&A
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    Unban request - Chibalani

    Hello Chibalani, I was spectate you for a long time. When i check your flinch(stun) stats, i saw 85/1 and i suspected you. I kept watching you. Then you have never been stunned. 55(bullet)/0(stun) during the time i check you. This is not possible. Sometimes might be bug or lag spikes etc...
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    LittleIce [petri.exe]

    I trust you won't cheat again. Dont forget, this is first and last chance. You have been unbanned.
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    LittleIce [petri.exe]

    Before i give you a chance, i should see your folders. Otherwise, it's not possible for me to unban.
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    Opp Stoppa

    I like it!
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    LittleIce [petri.exe]

    Thanks for honesty, i wanna see your folders. Please show me screenshots of main GTA, cleo, modloader with timestamp.
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    LittleIce [petri.exe]

    I am glad, you understand your mistake. whatever happens use cheat isn't right. Please re-appeal on 08.04.2021. Stay clean and do not evade. L&A
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    Re-appeal with the correct format.